Department of Mathematical Statistics and Data Analysis

The department carries out research in the fields of mathematical statistics and data analysis, with a particular focus on:

  • functional data analysis,
  • analysis of time series,
  • statistical hypothesis testing,
  • applications of statistical methods in such fields as construction, chemistry, economics, ecology, physics, geography, geotechnical engineering, medicine, and agriculture.

The department staff publish their results in prestigious scientific journals, including the following:

  • Archives of Civil and Mechanical Engineering,
  • Artificial Intelligence Review,
  • Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery,
  • Electronic Journal of Statistics,
  • Experimental Brain Research,
  • Expert Systems with Applications,
  • Food Chemistry,
  • International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science,
  • International Statistical Review,
  • Journal of Classification,
  • Journal of Time Series Analysis,
  • Knowledge-Based Systems,
  • Linear Algebra and its Applications,
  • Linear and Multilinear Algebra,
  • Metrika,
  • Pattern Recognition Letters
  • Regional Environmental Change,
  • Scandinavian Journal of Statistics,
  • Statistical Methods in Medical Research,
  • Statistical Papers,
  • Technometrics.

The staff of the Department of Mathematical Statistics and Data Analysis organize monthly open lectures entitled Multivariate Statistical Methods, which have been held since 2012. Besides AMU’s Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, the institutional organizers of these lectures include the Poznań branch of the Polish Statistical Association and the Poznań Society for the Advancement of Arts and Sciences. Materials from previous lectures are available at the website of the Department of Statistics of Poznań University of Economics and Business.