The following are currently the major directions of research in mathematics at the faculty: analysis in a broad sense, particularly functional analysis, numerous areas of discrete mathematics and particularly random structures, number theory, differential equations theory, topology, algebra, logic, mathematical statistics, and econometrics. In the field of computer science, research is focused on artificial intelligence, the theory of algorithms, IT security, and computational linguistics. Research is also conducted in the fields of philosophy and history of mathematics. This research leads to numerous publications in international journals, and has been recognized by the Committee for the Evaluation of Scientific Units, which awarded the faculty category “A” status in 2013.

Research activities at the faculty include numerous seminars, usually open to the public, organized for the research and teaching staff, PhD students and other students. Information about upcoming seminars can be found in the list of events at the faculty and on the websites of particular departments. The Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science also organizes annual lecture series: the Władysław Orlicz Lectures (since 1993), the Wojtek Pulikowski Lectures (since 1994), and the Rejewski, Różycki and Zygalski Lectures (since 2008).

The faculty also engages in the dissemination of the results of research. It participates annually in the Poznań Festival of Science and Art and in the Night of Scientists event, organizes monthly lectures for school students (“Po indeks z Pitagorasem”), and runs competitions for young people with an interest in mathematics and computer science. It also hosts conferences and workshops for teachers. Information about the events can be found on the EMI (Mathematics and Computer Science Education) website.