Władysław Orlicz celebratory lectures

Man in glasses
Władysław Orlicz (1903-1990)

Władysław Orlicz is one of the Polish mathematicians who contributed significantly to the development of the queen of sciences, and whose achievements advanced the common repository of knowledge and theory. He was a member of the Lwów (Lviv) School of Mathematics, where he was recognized as an expert in the field of orthogonal series, the theory of spaces that would later be called Fréchet spaces, and the theory of linear operators.

He moved to Poznań in 1937. He contributed to the development of the mathematical centre in Poznań, educating the faculty staff (he supervised 37 doctoral theses), and also promoting various mathematical disciplines in Poznań. There were few people who – as he did – understood the significance and value of the balanced development of particular branches of mathematics, perceived excessive specialization as a threat, and set great store on applications. He was a man of wide knowledge and mathematical culture, and was able to discuss topics from a range of mathematical fields.

The annual celebratory lecture named in honour of Professor Orlicz is one of the permanent forms of commemoration of his achievements.

The lectures are given in the Polish language. More information can be found on the Polish version of the website.