Wojtek Pulikowski celebratory lectures

Young man
Wojtek Pulikowski (1947-1975)

Dr Wojciech Pulikowski (1947–1975) considerably influenced mathematical education and the range of research conducted at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. He was interested in such areas of mathematics as algebraic topology, differential geometry and topology, homological and commutative algebra, complex analysis, and Lie groups and their representations.

In the early 1970s, algebraic theory (rapidly developing worldwide, but still absent in Poznań) was introduced by Pulikowski in his lectures. His profound knowledge of the field and exceptional ability to communicate his knowledge, as well as his friendly attitude towards people, quickly attracted a large group of students of mathematics. Lectures, seminars, science camps and private home meetings provided opportunities to hold long discussions. Wojtek gladly shared his knowledge, including during mountain trips, which he adored. Sadly, he did not return from one of these trips.

The annual celebratory lecture named in honour of Wojtek Pulikowski is a way of commemorating this exceptional person, a talented, young mathematician who was a pioneer of research in algebraic theory, a successful organizer of academic life, and a wonderful teacher at our University.

The lectures are given in the Polish language. More information can be found on the Polish version of the website.