Application Support and Development Laboratory

Any problems related to computer software in buildings A and B, to network and other technical issues connected with faculty’s IT system shall be reported to the Application Support and Development Laboratory:

Websites and services

  • management of the faculty e-learning systems (Moodle, MS Teams) and supporting the users,
  • management and technical maintenance of the faculty website in Polish and English and faculty webpages on the Intranet,
  • maintenance of faculty webpages (Postgraduate studies, Partners, Mathematical and IT education, webpages of projects),
  • management and coordination of works in USOS/USOSweb, PD, SRS, Planista, Ankieter, EZD at the faculty,
  • management of voting system during the faculty council meetings,
  • planning, implementing and developing the webpages and systems for the faculty,
  • preparing manuals and providing training regarding the implemented systems,
  • supporting faculty promotion and maintaining faculty websites in social media.

Systems and services

  • management of user accounts - labs domain in Active Directory,
  • making resources available for projects - web hosting accounts and virtual machines,
  • administration of services supporting the development of programming projects - Jira, Git, Gerrit, Jenkins,
  • providing access to databases,
  • enabling remote access to resources ssh, remote desktop, VPN, Proxy,
  • administration of electronic mail in the domain,
  • control over the network file systems,
  • supporting administrative staff and research and teaching staff in terms of networks and computer systems usage,
  • backup services and management and data recovering.

Equipment and classrooms

  • support of computer labs: work stations (Windows and Linux), technical equipment and software,
  • administration and management of computer hardware used for teaching purposes,
  • support and maintenance of multimedia rooms, halls and Faculty Council meeting room,
  • preparation of computer equipment for staff,
  • support and maintenance of the faculty printers and scanners,
  • maintenance, replacement and repair of the equipment.

Network and server infrastructure

  • administration of faculty network and access to the Internet,
  • management of the faculty wireless network,
  • configuration of network services – DNS, DHCP,
  • preparation and maintenance of servers and operating systems running on these servers,
  • monitoring and controlling the security of services, servers and network devices,
  • providing working conditions for staff servers.


  • receiving and processing notifications,
  • technical support of projects and events at the faculty,
  • planning the purchase of hardware, software and services.