Currently the faculty employs 100 people as research and teaching staff, including 24 employees holding the title of professor, 14 employees in the position of AMU professor and 9 employees holding the post-doctoral degree of habilitated doctor and employed in the position of assistant professor. ApThe faculty houses editorial offices of 4 journals: Random Structures and Algorithms, Acta Arithmetica, Commentationes Mathematicae and Functiones et Approximatio and of the publishing series Advanced Topics in Mathematics.
  • 130employees
  • 13departments and units
  • 4journals

The history of our faculty dates back to 1919 when the Faculty of Philosophy was established at the University of Poznan. Here the division of mathematics and natural sciences was founded with two mathematics departments and the division was transformed into the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at the turn of 1924 and 1925.

1919 - 1939

In the interwar period approximately 160 students enrolled at the faculty and around 20 students graduated each year. At that point in time the research and teaching activities were carried out by mathematicians who came to Poznan from other centres: Zdzisław Krygowski, Franciszek Włodarski, Kazimierz Abramowicz, Władysław Ślebodziński, Mieczysław Biernacki, Jan Mikusiński, Zygmunt Butlewski.


In 1937 Władysław Orlicz left Lviv and came to Poznan. The interests of these researchers were focused on classical algebra, differential geometry, theory of differential forms and Lie groups, analytic functions, functional analysis, theory of real functions, Fourier series and orthogonal series.


Then Second World War dispersed professors from the University of Poznan . In 1945 Władysław Orlicz came back to Poznan and renewed his efforts to organise the mathematics centre. He became the head of the Mathematics Department.


At the turn of 1961 and 1962 the Department of Mathematics was divided into two departments. Andrzej Alexiewicz, a student of Władysław Orlicz, was nominated the head of the second one. The units were a part of the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. In the early 1950s, 2 professors, 1 associate professor, 8 assistant professors and assistants worked in the Department of Mathematics and two decades later it expanded by 4 associate professors and 23 assistant professors and assistants.


The Department of Mathematics was a core of the Institute of Mathematics founded in 1970. It was headed by Andrzej Alexiewicz by 1987 and comprised 8 departments: Department of Algebra and Number Theory, Department of Mathematical Analysis, Department of Geometry and Topology, Department of Mathematical Logic, Department of General Mathematics, Department of Numerical Methods, Department of Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics, Department of Theory of Real Functions.


In 1978, following the changes in the university structure, the Institute of Mathematics was a part of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics. Its consecutive heads were: Mirosław Krzyśko (1987-1991) and Julian Musielak (1991-1993). 

since 1993

In 1993 the existing Faculty of Mathematics and Physics was divided into the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science and the Faculty of Physics. The first dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science was Michał Karoński (1993-1999). His follower for the next two tenures (1999-2005) was Zbigniew Palka and then, also for two tenures (2005-2012) Marek Nawrocki. Then Jerzy Kaczorowski was the dean for the next two tenures. Krzysztof Dyczkowski has been the dean since 2020.


In 2013 the faculty was awarded the category “A” by the Committee for the Evaluation of Scientific Units. We are entitled to confer the doctor’s degree and the degree of habilitated doctor in mathematics in both fields: mathematics and computer science.

At present

Currently the research is conducted in over 13 units at the faculty – departments and research units supported by the team of teachers.