Data wydarzenia:

Wykład nr 16: Human translator vs. machine translation - competition or cooperation?

Date: środa 13.03.2024, godz. 13:15

Venue: ul. Grunwaldzka 6, sala Aula, Wydział Anglistyki UAM

Speaker: Prof. dr hab. Krzysztof Jassem


Machine  translation has been the subject of scientific research for several decades.  Modern automatic translators, which have been constantly improving the performance quality, may be regarded as a competition to human translation. On the other hand, a properly used automatic translator may be extremely useful to the human translator, significantly increasing both the efficiency and quality of his/her work.

The purpose of the lecture is to present the current state of knowledge in the field of machine translation. The lecture will present scenarios in which human translators compete with automatic translators and those in which they harmoniously cooperate with them. Methods for evaluating and optimizing the quality of translation, both automated and human, will also be discussed.

Particular emphasis will be placed on the presenation of these solutions in the field, which have been developed at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, AMU, and are in widespread use: the Marian NMT system, translation algorithms using inflectional lexicons, and document-level translation.

About the lecturer:

Ph.D. (1997), Habilitated Doctor of Technical Sciences (2008), Professor of Engineering and Technical Sciences (2021). Head of the Department of Artificial Intelligence at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, AMU (since 2020). Head of the Centre for Aritficial Intelligence, AMU (since 2022). Advisor of seven doctoral dissertations. Scientific interests include natural language processing and machine translation.