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Pierwszy wykład z cyklu Wykłady ID-UB

Serdecznie zapraszamy na pierwszy wykład z serii Wykładów IDUB.

Data: środa, 20.04.2022, godz. 13:00-14:30

Prelegent: prof. Arkady Leiderman (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beer Sheva, ISRAEL)

Tytuł: \(\Delta\)-spaces \(X\) and distinguished spaces \(C_p(X)\)

Miejsce: sala A1-33 (RND)

Wykład jest sponsorowany ze środków projektu ID-UB.

Przed wykładem, o godzinie 12:30, zapraszamy do Klubu Profesorskiego na spotkanie z Prelegentem przy kawie i herbacie.


Definition 1. A subset of reals \(X\subset \mathbb R\) is said to be a \(\Delta\)-set if \(X\) has the following property \(\Delta\): for every decreasing sequence \(\{D_n: n \in \omega\}\) of subsets of \(X\) with empty intersection, there is a decreasing sequence \(\{V_n: n \in \omega\}\) consisting of open subsets of \(X\), also with empty intersection, and such that \(D_n \subset V_n\) for every \(n \in \omega\).

The existence of an uncountable \(\Delta\)-set \(X\subset \mathbb{R}\) is one of the fundamental set-theoretical problems; it is independent of ZFC (due to results of F. Hausdorff and M.E. Rudin).

Definition 2. A locally convex space (lcs) \(E\) is called distinguished if the strong dual of \(E\) (i.e. the topological dual of \(E\) endowed with the strong topology) is barrelled (A. Grothendieck).

What two defined above notions from two completely different areas, one from Set Theory, another from Functional Analysis, can have in common?

By \(C_{p}(X)\) we mean the space of all real-valued continuous functions on a Tychonoff topological space \(X\) endowed with the topology of pointwise convergence.

Theorem 3 ([1]). Let \(X\) be a Tychonoff space. A lcs \(C_{p}(X)\) is distinguished if and only if for each \(f\in\mathbb{R}^{X}\) there is a bounded \(B\subset C_{p}(X)\) such that \(f\) belongs to the closure of \(B\) in \(\mathbb{R}^{X}\).

We say that a Tychonoff space \(X\) is a \(\Delta\)-space if \(X\) satisfies property \(\Delta\), as in Definition 1 above. Quite recently we have shown that the notion of \(\Delta\)-spaces plays a key role in the study of distinguished \(C_p\)-spaces [2].

Characterization Theorem 4 ([2]). Let \(X\) be a Tychonoff space. A lcs \(C_{p}(X)\) is distinguished if and only if \(X\) is a \(\Delta\)-space.

My talk will be devoted to the main results published in the joint with J. Kąkol papers [1,2,3]; and also my works [4,5].


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[5] A. Leiderman, P. Szeptycki, On \(\Delta\)-spaces, preprint.


Profesor Arkady Leiderman

Arkady Leiderman jest profesorem Uniwersytetu im. Ben Guriona w Beer Szewie w Izraelu, pracującym w Instytucie Matematyki. Badania naukowe prof. Leidermana skupiają się wokół problemów topologii ogólnej, teorii mnogości, analizy funkcjonalnej i grup topologicznych.