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Back Transcription as a Method for Evaluating Robustness of NLU Models to Speech Recognition Errors

Data: wtorek, 6.02.2024, godz. 11:00-12:00

Prelegenci: Marek Kubis, Paweł Skórzewski, Marcin Sowański, Tomasz Ziętkiewicz (UAM/Samsung)

Streszczenie: In a spoken dialogue system, an NLU model is preceded by a speech recognition system that can deteriorate the performance of natural language understanding. We propose a method for investigating the impact of speech recognition errors on the performance of natural language understanding models. The proposed method combines the back transcription procedure with a fine-grained technique for categorizing the errors that affect the performance of NLU models. The method relies on the usage of synthesized speech for NLU evaluation. We show that the use of synthesized speech in place of audio recording does not change the outcomes of the presented technique in a significant way.

Miejsce: B1-7/8 oraz online