Data wydarzenia:

Factuality Challenges in the Era of Large Language Models

Data: wtorek, 27.02.2024, godz. 10:30-11:30

Prelegenci: Preslav Nakov (Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence)

Streszczenie: We will discuss the risks, the challenges, and the opportunities that Large Language Models (LLMs) bring regarding factuality. We will then delve into our recent work on using LLMs to assist fact-checking (e.g., claim normalization, stance detection, question-guided fact-checking, program-guided reasoning, and synthetic data generation for fake news and propaganda identification), on checking and correcting the output of LLMs, on detecting machine-generated text (blackbox and whitebox), and on fighting the ongoing misinformation pollution with LLMs. Finally, we will discuss work on safeguarding LLMs, and the safety mechanisms we incorporated in Jais-chat, the world's best open Arabic-centric foundation and instruction-tuned LLM.

Miejsce: B1-7/8 oraz online