Data wydarzenia:

Ramsey theory, Rado's c_p colorings, and the Pythagorean equation

Data: wtorek, 10.01.2023, godz. 10:00 - 11:30

Prelegent: dr Sohail Farhangi (stypendysta podoktorski przy WMiI UAM)

Abstrakt: We will begin by reviewing known results and open questions regarding the Ramsey theory of polynomial equations. We will then examine Rado's c_p coloring, which is related to the p-adic numbers and is (probably) the only tool that has been used to show that a polynomial equation is not partition regular. Lastly, we will examine some number theoretic conjectures, which if true, would resolve the long standing question of whether or not the Pythagorean equation is partition regular over N.

Miejsce: sala B2-39 (WMiI UAM)