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Advancing Collaborative Research with ESA's Digital Platforms: A Look at ESA Datalabs and GSSC Now

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Tytuł: Advancing Collaborative Research with ESA's Digital Platforms: A Look at ESA Datalabs and GSSC Now

Data: wtorek, 30.05.2023, godz. 12:00-13:30

Miejsce: A1-33/34 (Sala Rady Wydziału)

Prelegent: Sara Del Río, European Space Agency (ESA), Madryt

Abstrakt: The European Space Agency (ESA) is developing science exploitation platforms to foster collaboration and research across science domains. This lecture will focus on two of these platforms: ESA Datalabs and GSSC Now. While both platforms share the goal of advancing collaborative research, they differ in their respective focuses. ESA Datalabs is a cloud-based platform with the aim of providing access to a wide range of assets from various domains, including Earth Observation, Navigation, Space Science, Space Operations and Human and Robotic Exploration. This platform provides a collaborative workspace where scientists, researchers, and developers can work together on data analysis and model building tasks. GSSC Now is a Navigation-specific platform that provides tools and resources for conducting research across multiple domains, such us Earth Science, Space Science, Fundamental Physics, or Meteorology, using Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) data. Like ESA Datalabs, GSSC Now provides a cloud-based collaborative environment for scientists and researchers to work together on various scientific tasks. This lecture will provide an overview of these platforms, including the types of data available, the tools and resources provided, and the collaborative environments for users. We will also examine how scientists are currently utilising these platforms to advance their research and how the platforms can be used to facilitate collaborative research in the future. By the end of the lecture, attendees will have a thorough understanding of ESA's digital platforms and how they can promote collaboration and research across scientific communities.