Data wydarzenia:

p-group Galois covers of curves and cohomology II

Data: piątek, 28.05.2021, godz. 12:30-14:00

Prelegent: dr Jędrzej Garnek (WMI UAM)

Abstrakt: Studying cohomology of a variety with an action of a finite group is a classical and well-researched topic. However, most of the results consider only the tame ramification case or concern the image of cohomology in the K-theory. During this talk I will focus on the case of a curve over a field of characteristic p with an action of a finite p-group. I will start by recalling classical facts concerning p-covers and their moduli spaces. Then I will move on to my new results. My previous research suggests that the de Rham cohomology decomposes as a sum of certain 'local' and 'global' part. We show that this is true under certain mild assumptions.

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