Data wydarzenia:

A discrete framework for the interpolation of Banach spaces

Data: piątek, 16.12.2022, godz. 9:30-10:45

Prelegent: dr Nick Lindemulder

Abstrakt: We develop a discrete framework for the interpolation of Banach spaces, which contains e.g. the well-known real and complex interpolation methods, but also more exotic methods like the \(\gamma\)-method, the Radamacher interpolation method and the \(\ell^q\)-interpolation method, as concrete examples. Our method is based on a sequential structure imposed on a Banach space, which allows us to deduce properties of interpolation methods from properties of sequential structures. Our framework has both a formulation modelled after the real and the complex interpolation methods. This allows us to extend results previously known for either the real or the complex interpolation method to other interpolation methods that fit into our framework.

Miejsce: A1-33 (sala RND)