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Lusin N condition counterexamples concerning optimal function spaces

Data: piątek, 16.12.2022, godz. 12:15-13:15

Prelegent: dr Tomas Roskovec

Abstrakt: Lusin N condition is the property of the function or mapping saying that the set of positive measure can not be an image of a set with zero measure. For the Sobolev spaces, the critical space is \(W^{1,n}\) both for functions and for homeomorphisms. There are two classical counterexamples showing that the space is optimal, for homeomorphisms it is the so-called Ponomarev construction, and for functions, it is the Cesari construction (applied by Malý and Martio). In the talk, both of these would be introduced and we will follow with some optimisation in regularity, space and measure considered for the counterexamples.

Miejsce: A1-33 (sala RND)