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Wykład Michala Douchy z Czeskiej Akademii Nauk

Z inicjatywy pracowników Zakładu Teorii Operatorów oraz Zakładu Analizy Funkcjonalnej w ramach projektu Uniwersytet Jutra w dniach 3 kwietnia 2023 roku (godz. 16:00-18:30) oraz 4 kwietnia 2023 roku (godz. 10:00-12:30) odbędzie się drugi cykl wykładów zatytułowany Banach spaces of Lipschitz functions and their preduals, który wygłosi Michal Doucha (Institute of Mathematics Czech Academy of Sciences, Praga).

Abstrakt: The lecture series will be devoted to Banach spaces of Lipschitz functions which are, in Nik Weaver's words, the functional analytic study of metric structures analogously as the spaces of continuous functions or bounded functions are functional analytic study of topological, resp. measure structures. The first lecture will introduce several variants of spaces of Lipschitz functions, present their basic properties and some examples. In the next few lectures we will focus on some more advanced topics such as questions how much the Banach space structure of the space of Lipschitz functions determines the underlying metric structure, the structure of extreme points of the unit ball of these spaces, etc. Another feature of these spaces is that they have canonical preduals, which are important spaces of their own, and we may spend around 2 lectures about them. Finally, we will say something about the algebraic structure of these spaces, i.e. on their structure as topological (or even Banach) algebras.

Miejsce: A1-33 (sala RND)